Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Social Ecology of Online Harassment and Cybervictimization: The Adolescent extendash School Context


An increasingly serious concern for many youth who are negotiating the normative challenges of adolescence in the school context involves the threat of cyberbullying. A full understanding of the dynamics of cyberbullying and the development of effective interventions requires an appreciation of the contributions of the multiple contexts, or the ecology of cyberbullying, including the family, peer group, school, and neighborhood/community (Barboza et al., 2009; Espelage & Swearer, 2009). Given that school experiences and peer relationships therein are central in the lives of adolescents, considerable attention has been directed at the school and peer context of cyberbullying (Barboza, 2015). Much less research attention, however, has been directed toward understanding racial and ethnic diversity and its relationship to cyberbullying and other online risk behaviors, in the school context.

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